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Tricks to Remember Currency of Various Countries

How to Remember Various Countries Currency?
GK Tricks For Remember World Currency: See GK Tricks for Country Currency Also Shortcut Tricks World Currency as this page is dedicated to give you solution for Trick to Remember Currency of Various Countries for GK preparation in SSC IBPS SBI RRB, CSAT etc. Competitive Examinations includes GK preparation. Currency questions are asked in many competitive exams like what is the currency of .... Peso is the currency of ...... At this page, you can find some big currency and their countries. Also easy tricks to remember the currency & its countries is provided to quick remembering. Remembering these Tricks will help you memorize currencies quickly and get better marks in your exam. A applicant can score for these marks if he/ he prepares well. The complete detailed needed information of GK Tricks for Remember Country Currency is given here................
Details of Trick to Remember Currency of various Countries:
Here you will find currency used by various countries along with shortcuts to remember them.
Each Capital Letter denotes country name's first alphabet.
(1) Trick to Remember of Currency “RUPEE” 
Mind Tricks : PICS of MN
All these countries have their rupee currency. Also Indonesia have currency "Rupiah".

Visualize: Harbhajan Singh SPINS the ball in the Match and the batsman gets beaten.

2. Dollar: It is the currency of USA, Canada, Singapore, NewZealand, Ecuador, Hongkong, Australia, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Brunei, Canada, Fiji, Namibia countries.

Trick to Remember Dollar Currency Countries: "U CAN See my NEw HAT That airs on BBC ForeNoon.

  • U: USA
  • CAN: Canada
  • S in See: Singapore
  • N in NEw: Newzealand
  • E in NEw: Ecuador
  • H in HAT: Hongkong
  • A in HAT: Australia
  • T in HAT: Taiwan
  • T in ThaTs: Tobago
  • 2nd T in ThaTs: Trinidad
  • B: Bahamas, Belize
  • B: Barbados, Brunei
  • C: Canada
  • F: Fiji
  • N: Namibia

Visulize: You ask your US friend "U Can See my NEw HAT ThaT airs on BBC ForeNoon".

3. Euro: It is the currency of Vaticancity, Cyprus, Germany, France, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Malta, Solvania.
Trick to remember Euro Currency Countries: VC Goes For sPAIN.

  • V: Vaticancity
  • C: Cyprus
  • G: Germany, Greece
  • F: France, Finland
  • P: Portugal
  • A: Austria
  • I: Italy, Ireland
  • N: Netherlands
  • A: Andorra, Austria
  • B: Belgium
  • M: Malta
  • S: Solvania

Visualization: Visualize your university VC (vice-chancellor) Goes For sPAIN with euro currency and send A Big sMS.

4.Trick to Remember of Currency “POUND”
Mind Tricks : SESU (a name) plays in the Pond..
S-South Sudan
5. Dinar: It is the corrency of Bahrain, Iraq, Serbia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Libya.
Trick to Remember Dinar Currency Countries: BISKuTS factory in JALandhar.

  • B in BISKuTS: Bahrain
  • I in BISKuTS: Iraq
  • S in BISKuTS: Serbia
  • K in BISKuTS: Kuwait
  • 2nd T in BISKuTS: Tunisia
  • 2nd S in BISKuTS: Sudan
  • J in JALandhar: Jordan
  • A in JALandhar: Algeria
  • L in JALandhar: Libya

Visualize: you goes to a BISKuTS factory in JALandhar that uses DINAR as currency.

6. Ruble: It is the corrency of Russia & Belarus.
Trick to Remember Ruble Currency Countries: RUBle
Ruble currency itself is easily rememberable as both countries names first letter is in the name ruble itself.

  • RU in RUBle: RUssia
  • B in RUBle: Belarus

Visualize: no need

7. Peso: It is the currency of Philippines, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Dominician Republic. Chile, Colombia, Cuba countries.
Trick to Remember Peso Currency Countries: PUMA spreaDs its business to 3 Countries.

  • PUMA - Philippines, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina
  • D in spreads: Dominician Republic
  • 3 C - Chile, Colombia, Cuba

Think: PUMA, the big brand spreaDing its business to 3 countries (Chile, Colombia, Cuba) in PESO countries

8. Rial: It is the currency of Iran, Cambodia, Yemen & Oman.
Trick to Remember Rial Currency Countries: shoot a vIdeo with Camera & upload to YOutube - rial.

  • I in vIdeo: Iran
  • C in Camera: Cambodia
  • YO in YOutube: Yemen, Omen

Visualization: think yourself shooting a vIdeo with your mobile Camera & uploading it to YOutube (rial).

9. Yen & Yuan Currencies

  • JapaN: yeN
  • ChiNA: yuAN.

10. North Korea & South Korea currency: Won
Trick to remember Currency: Korea Won the match.

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