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Compound Interest Calculate By Shortcut Formulaes

Compound Interest Shortcut Formulae Calculation
Calculation CI Shortcut Method: View Compound Interest Shortcut Formulae as here you will see Compound interest formulas In compound interest, the interest for the time is calculated both on the principal as well as simple interest unto the previous period. Compound Amount- the sum of principal and compound interest is known as Compound Amount. As students preparing for competitive exams asks for compound interest quick formulae can score good marks by preparing well. The more details of CI shortcut Formulae regarding tricks, interest calculation and how to solve etc is given here...............
Details of CI Shortcut Formulae:
If a principal P becomes amount A at the rate of compound interest r% in n years, then
•   A=P(1+(r/100))^n                                    (^ means raise to power)

• or we can say   A= Principal (P)+Compound interest (CI)= P+CI

 • Compound Interest
CI= P[{(1+(r/100))^n}-1]

 • Principal  P=A/{1+(r/100)}^n

• Rate  r=100*[{(A/P)^(1/n)}-1]

 Note- if interest is calculated annually, then compound interest is equal to simple interest ...

When the interest is compounded (interest calculated and added to principal) half yearly, then the rate will be half and time will be twice.
 when the interest is compounded quarterly, then rate will be quarter and time will be 4 times.

When the interest is compounded monthly, then
Hope you understand the calculation of compound interest and best of luck.
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