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Fast Trick solving input-output questions with solutions and example

Trick To Solve Input-Output Questions Faster
Fast Tricks to Solve Input-Output Questions: Today Input/ Output Questions Solutions as in this portal you will get fast solutions how to solve about input-output problems, we discuss about arranging the given numbers according to ascending or descending order. A common question comes in mind how to solve input/ output problems in a shortcut manner and student can score marks for these exams if he/ she prepares well. Further more needed information of Input Output Question Solutions regarding fast answer, quick methods and how to apply etc is given here.............................
Machine input or Input Output is a question type, where the candidate is given some kind of word and number arrangement. With each subsequent operation, the arrangement of the words and numbers changes. These operations are performed until a final arrangement is reached or is performed in loop. The student is required to identify the hidden pattern in the rearrangement and apply it to the questions.................
Details of Input Output Question Answers:
1. Shifting In this type of problems, we usually shift the given words (or numbers) of the given input as per fixed pattern. Generally letters and numbers are placed in ascending or descending order, one at each step. The following example shows how this is done..................
For example
Input: Ram person is a great
Step 1: a Ram person is  great
Step 2: a great Ram person is
Step 3: a great is Ram person
Step 4:  a great is person Ram
Step 4 is the last step.

Input: hike 36 29 rate interest 43 fixed 46
Step I: 46 hike 36 29 rate interest 43 fixed
Step II: fixed 46 hike 36 29 rate interest 43
Step III: 43 fixed 46 hike 36 29 rate interest
Step IV: hike 43 fixed 46 36 29 rate interest
Step V: 36 hike 43 fixed 46 29 rate interest
Step VI: interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46 29 rate
Step VII: 29 interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46 rate
Step VIII: rate 29 interest 36 hike 43 fixed 46

Here first you have observe how Last step is i.e STEP VIII.

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