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What are Important Topics for JEE Advanced?

What are Important Topics for JEE Advanced?
JEE Advanced Exam Topics: It is common question of students that What are main topics of Jee Advanced 2019 Exam?
Answer: JEE advanced is considered to as one of the most important exams for the students aspiring to become engineers. Only the top 2.2 lakh students are shortlisted from JEE mains score. The advanced exam is a prerequisite for admissions in all the IITs in the country and thus, it is extremely competitive.

Students need to properly prepare with all the important JEE topics and be confident to tackle any question in the exam. The JEE advanced is scheduled for 20th May and will be conducted in 2 slots. In this article, some of the important topics for JEE advanced are given that holds good weightage in the exam. More details of Jee Advanced 2019 Exam regarding syllabus and how to check etc is given here....................

See Details of Jee Advance Important Topics:
Important Physics Topics for JEE Advanced:
       Mechanics: Newton’s laws of motion, kinematics, friction
       Current electricity
       Wave and ray optics
       Heat and thermodynamics
       Simple Harmonic Motion      
       Rotational Dynamics  
       Semiconductors and Electronic Devices        

Important Chemistry Topics For JEE Advanced
       Chemical bonding and molecular structure
       Atomic Structure
       Periodic Table and Representative Elements
       Atomic structure
       General Organic Chemistry
       Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
       Gaseous State

Important Maths Topics For JEE Advanced
       Continuity/ Limits
       Differential Calculus: differentiation, differentiability, application of derivatives
       Integral Calculus: integration, definite integration
       Quadratic equation
       Sequence and Series
       Coordinate Geometry
So above these were some of the important topics from which questions are frequented in the JEE advanced exam. It is suggested to be thorough with all these topics and practice several questions. It is also important to avoid neglecting other syllabus topics as those are also equally important.

The JEE is an extremely competitive exam and requires proper dedication and confidence to be able to score well. It is important to practice different sample papers and take several mock tests to improve speed and accuracy of the questions.

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