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How Many Total Number of Players in Each Sports?

Check Number of Players in Each Sports 
This is common question in mind that How many players are in each sport?
Answer: So here we give answer of above question, below the total no. of players in all major sports played in world. It will help candidates in questions asked in entrance, competitive and recruitment exams as a part of their general knowledge.  As there are many sports played in this world, we have provided some of important of them. More information of Total No. of Players in Each Sports regarding name of sport, players etc is given here................
Details of Total Number of Players in Sports:
We have provided some important games played globally and their name along with the number of players played during live are mentioned in this page.
Sports____________Number of Players
Baseball____________ 9
Rugby football____________ 15
Polo ____________4
Water Polo____________ 7
Kho Kho____________ 9
Kabaddi____________ 7
Hockey____________ 11
Football (Soccer)____________ 11
Cricket____________ 11
Netball____________ 7
Volleyball____________ 6
Badminton____________ 1 or 2 (Singles & Doubles respectively)
Tennis____________ 1 or 2 (Singles & Doubles respectively)
Table Tennis____________ 1 or 2 (Singles & Doubles respectively)
Basketball____________ 5
Gymnastic____________ Several individuals compete simultaneously
Billiards/Snooker____________ 1
Boxing____________ 1
Chess____________ 1
Bridge____________ 2
Croquet____________ 13 or 15
Golf ____________Several individuals compete simultaneously
Lacrosse ____________12

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