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Check Bank Exam Practice Test Paper General Awareness

Download Bank Practice Test Paper General Awareness 2019
Check Bank Exam Practice Test Question Papers General Awareness 2019 online as this page is dedicated to give Bank Exams Practice Test Paper of General Awareness questions. All candidates who are going to give entrance exams for banks, please view these practice question answers. Other information of Bank Practice Test Paper regarding general knowledge etc is given here. Please go through the same carefully.
Details of Bank Practice Paper Questions for General Awareness:-

1. What is a Repo Rate?
(A) It is a rate at which RBI sell government securities to banks
(B) It is a rate at which banks borrow rupees from RBI
(C) It is a rate at which RBI allows small loans in the market
(D) It is a rate which is offered by Banks to their most valued customers or prime customers
(E) None of these

2. In economics it is generally believed that the main objective of a Public Sector Financial Company like Bank is to:
(A) Employ more and more people
(B) Maximize total profits
(C) Maximize total production
(D) Provide financial service to the people of the nation of its origin across the country
(E) Sell the goods at subsidized cost

3. Which of the following cannot be called as a Debt Instrument as referred in financial transactions?
(A) Certificate of Deposits
(B) Bonds
(C) Stocks
(D) Commercial Papers
(E) Loans

4. The government formed the panel after many ex-servicemen returned their medals to protest the rejection of their ‘one rank one pension’ demand. Who is heading this panel?
(A) K.M. Chandrasekhar
(B) R Balakrishanan
(C) B S Padmanabham
(D) T. Raja Shekhar
(E) R Balu

5. Whenever RBI does some Open Market Operation Transaction, actually it wishes to regulate which of the following?
(A) Inflation only
(B) liquidity in economy
(C) Borrowing powers of the banks
(D) Flow of Foreign Direct Investments
(E) None of these

6. The maximum amount of the total Revenue earned by the government of India comes from:
(A) Income Tax
(B) Customs Duty
(C) Excise Duty
(D) Value Added Tax
(E) Corporate Tax

7. IC chips used in Computers are usually made of
(E).None of the above

8. One Kilobyte is equal to
(A).1000 bytes
(B).200 bytes
(C).10 bytes
(D).1024 bytes
(E).None of the above

9. Which of the following is not an example of operating System?
(A).Windows 8
(B).Windows 98
(C).Microsoft office
(D).Mac Os
(E).None of the above

10. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?
(A).Super 114
(C).Compaq Presario
(D).Cray YMP
(E).None of the above

11. One Gigabyte is Approximately equal is
(A).1000,000,000 bytes
(B).1000,000 bytes
(C).1000,000,000,000,000 bytes
(D).1000,000,000,000 bytes
(E).None of the above

12. The Oldest Indian Women to Scale Mt.Everest is-
(A).Tina Mena
(B).Premlata Agarwal
(E).None of the above

13. World’s Least Developed Countries Summit was held in May 2011 in-
(b).Sri Lanka

14. What makes red blood cells red ?
(B).White Cells
(D).None of the above
(E).None of the above

15. What is the correct speed of light?
(A).186,000 miles per second
(B).100,00 miles per minute
(C).100 miles per second
(D).100 km per min
(E).None of the above

16. Which country in Europe has the same name as a type of bird
(E).None of the above

17. In which one of the following cases, where whole-hearing was conducted by the Trial Court through the Video Conferencing first time in India?
(A) Abdul Kareem Mulla 2006
(B) Abdul Kareem Telagi 2006
(C) Ottavio Quattrochhi 2006
(D) Telephone Tapping Case 2006

18. Who was the First Secretary General of the United Nations?
(A) Trigve Lie
(B) U. Thant
(C) Kurt Waldheim
(D) Dag Waldheim

19. Which of the following is not a Constitutional Body?
(A) Union Public Service Commission
(B) Finance Commission
(C) Planning Commission
(D) Election Commission

20. Which Articles of the Indian Constitution invest extraordinary power in the Supreme Court of India?
(A) Articles, 32, 137 and 142
(B) Articles 32, 136 and 142
(C) Articles 136, 137 and 226
(D) Articles 226, 137 and 142

21. The Vice-President of India also holds one office from the followings?
(A) Chairman of Finance Commission
(B) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(C) Chairman of Planning Commission
(D) Chairman of Privileges Committee

22. Right to Property in India is
(A) Fundamental Right
(B) Legal Eight
(C) Constitutional Right
(D) None of the above

23. What is the name of Frontier Gandhi?
(A) Mohan Das Karam chand Gandhi
(B) Indira Gandhi
(C) Rajeev Gandhi
(D) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

24. On which date ‘Law Day’ celebrated in India?
(A) 26th November
(B) 28th October
(C) 2nd October
(D) 15th August

25. Who is empowered to set up Commission for the promotion of Human Rights under the U.N. Charter?
(A) The General Assembly
(B) The Economic and Social Council
(C) The Trusteeship Council
(D) The Secretary General

26. Which Committee is responsible for Tax Reforms?
(A) Janakiraman Committee
(B) Narasimhan Committee
(C) Malhotra Committee
(D) Chelliah Committee

27. Which one of the following cases decided by Supreme Court led to First Amendment in the Indian Constitution?
(A) Chintamani Rao Vs. State of M.P.
(B) Bihar Rajya vs. Kameshwar Singh
(C) Shankari Prasad Vs. Union of India
(D) State of Madras Vs.Champakam Dorairajan

28. Members of International Court of Justice are elected for a period of?
(A) 5 years
(B) 3 years
(C) 9 years
(D) 2 years

29. Manu Smriti is related with?
(A) Economics
(B) Political Science
(C) Medical jurisprudence
(D) Law

30. Who has been appointed the First Chief Information Commissioner, under the Right to Information Act, 2005?
(A) Wajahat Habibullah
(B) Irfan Habib
(C) Tahir Mahmood
(d) Najma Heptullah

31. Which Act gave separate electorate rights to Muslims in India?
(A) The Indian Councils Act, 1909
(B) The Government of India Act, 1915
(C) The Government of India Act, 1919
(0) The Government of India Act, 1935

32. Stockholm Conference, on ‘Human Environment’ was held in the year
(A) 1972
(B) 1973
(C) 1976
(D) 1992

33. The power of Governor of a State to promulgate ordinance is given in Constitution of India in?
(A) Article-123
(B) Article-212
(C) Article-213
(D) Article-356

34. By which Amendment of the Constitution the number of Ministers was limited to 15% of the total number of the House?
(A) 91st
(B) 92nd
(C) 93rd
(D) None of the above

35. Which of the following cases is related to Constitutionality of Right to death?
(A) Maneka Gandhi Vs. Union of India
(B) Gian Kaur Vs. State of Punjab
(C) A. K. Gopalan Vs. Union of India
(D) Kharak Singh Vs State of U.P.

36. The meaning of ‘Lex Loci’ is—
(A) Law of the Land is Supreme
(B) Law of Nation
(C) Local Laws
(D) Law of England

37. The principle of basic structure in the Constitution was established in?
(A) Golak Nath Vs. State of Punjab
(B) Minerva Mills Vs. Union of India
(C)Indra Sawhney Vs. Union of India
(D) None of the above

38. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of ‘National Child Labour Abolition Authority’?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Labour Minister
(C) Industry Minister
(D) Social Welfare Minister

39. Jain Community has been declared as a minority community in which of the following States?
(A) Bihar
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Punjab
(D) Chhattisgarh

40. “Proper respect is shown to National Anthem by standing up when the National Anthem is sung. It will not be right to say that disrespect is shown by not joining in the singing.” It has been held in?
(A) Bijoi Emmanuel Vs. State of Kerala
(B) Surya Narain Vs. U.O.I.
(C) Ram Jawaya Kapur Vs.U.O.I.
(D) Keshvanand Bharti Vs. U.O.I.

41. The Right to Information Act, 2005 extends to?
(A) The Whole of India
(B) The Whole of India except Jammu & Kashmir
(C) The Whole of India except Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab
(D) None of the above

42. In which case the Dissolution of Bihar Legislative Assembly by Governor before formation of Government was declared un constitutional?
(A) Rameshwar Prasad Vs. U.O.I.
(B) K.C. Vasant Kumar Vs. State of Karnataka
(C) Inamdar Vs. State of Maharashtra
(D) Banarsi Das Vs. Teeku Dutta & Others

43. VAT is related to?
(A) Banking Service
(B) Business Tax System
(C) Life Insurance
(D) none of the above

44. How many members are nominated in Lok Sabha by the President?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 10
(D) 12

45. How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian Constitution?
(A) 10
(B) 11
(C) 12
(D) 09

46. ‘Right to Education’ is a Fundamental Right under
(A) Article-14
(B) Article-19
(C) Article-22
(D) Article-21A

47. NACO stands for one of the following?
(A) National AIDS Control Office
(B) National AIDS Control Organisation
(C) Non-AIDS Control Organisation
(D) None of the above

48. Which Environmentalist is honoured with Padma Shri by President?
(A) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
(B) Baba Amte
(C) Sunderlal Bahuguna
(D) None of the above

49. Which of the following is related to SEBI?
(A) Banking
(B) Share Market
(C) Insurance
(D) Banking and Insurance

50. Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to abolition of un touchability?
(A) Article-I 7
(B) Article-15
(C) Article-16
(D) Article-18

1. B 2. D 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. D 9. C 10. B 11. A 12. B 13. D 14. A 15. A 16. C 17. B 18. A 19. C 20. B 21. B 22. C 23. D 24. A 25. B 26. D 27. D 28. C 29. D 30. A 31. A 32. A 33. C 34. A 35. B 36. C 37. D 38. D 39. B 40. A 41. B 42. A 43. B 44. B 45. B 46. D 47. B 48. D 49. B 50. A
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